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Honglin Technology Group is specialized in providing the wireless signal, and signal cable products for the fields of computer, consumer electronics, communication and providing wiring harness assembly and special cable for automotive and military fields . The registered capital is 150 million US dollars, and the number of employees is 7000. The group has entered a rapid development period, and its output value has reached 600 million US dollars. It is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars in 2020. Our company has a strong ability of product development, production capacity and quality assurance. In line with the spirit of "quality of life, customer-oriented”, we wholeheartedly provide the high quality products and a full range of quality services to customers. The company has become one of the most competitive companies in the industry nowadays.

Comprehensive Advantages of Honglin Technology Group:

1 One-Stop Shop:
The Group Company can provide external signal cables, internal signal cables, power cord, signal transmission cables, smart antennas, low-voltage vehicle wiring harness and high voltage distribution system with "one-stop" service in vehicle application to the customers of new energy vehicles.

2. Vertical Integration Business Model:
The Group Company has formed a fully integrated industrial chain from insulating materials, copper conductor processing, wire extrusion, precision molds, injection molding and various finished components. The vertically integrated business model enables the companies in the Group to form mutual relationships support and mutual promotion of industrial structure, also the price of the product is highly competitive.

3. Strong R&D Strength :
The Group has been committed to improve R&D strength to provide the first-class design solutions. Several research centers has been established including antenna research and development center, polymer materials research and development center, high-frequency signal transmission technology research center. The high-quality research and development center, also the related advanced experimental facilities are completed to ensure the research and development strength of the group standing among the industry-leading level.

4. Main Customer : .
As to the fields of computer, consumer electronics, communication , the group company cooperates with LG、SAMSUNG、DELL、HP、APPLE、HUAWEI、ZTE、Haier、Xiaomi、Qisda、FOXCONN、CISCO、Lenovo、SONY、COMPAL、Hisense、NEC、Canon、ASUS、Wistron、SIEMENS、TPV、Inventec、Intel、Google and other world-class enterprises to establish a good cooperation relationship with customer resources sufficient meanwhile. As to the automotive field, good customer relationship between Great Wall, Fukuda, Brilliance, Jinan Heavy Duty Truck, Geely and other well-known brands have also been established.

5. Company Diversity :
Our Company has formed industrial layouts of Weihai, Dezhou, Suzhou, Huizhou, Chongqing and Taipei based on the domestic distribution of computers, consumer electronics and communications markets so as to make the company more practical for docking and closer to customers

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